Spectacular Yet Simple Scandinavian Ornaments (FREE Crochet Pattern)!

It’s hard to believe that something that is so spectacular looking is so easy at the same time! Such is the case with these beautifully unique Scandinavian-looking Christmas ornaments/decorations!

Materials needed are few, and basically just include some medium-weight yard in your choice of colors, a Size 7 crochet hook, some kind of fiber-fill for stuffing, a 3/8-inch ribbon if you will be hanging the ornaments, and a yarn needle. Do note that gauge is not very important when it comes to this project, as even varying sizes will turn out very nicely, and no-one will know the difference! The circle and star ornaments each require 6 rounds to completion, and the heart ornament requires just 5 rounds total to completion.

You can get the free tutorial here!

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Image and Pattern Source: gingerpeachy.com

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