Sensational Americana Hat July 4th Decoration! (Free Crochet Pattern)

The free crochet pattern for this unique Americana Hat results in a totally unique July 4th decoration that will make even those of you who don’t decorate for July 4th want to start decorating for this holiday. Finished hat has a solid bottom, making it a perfect decorative container for your favorite candy, and the finished project is also capable of holding a jar that is 4 inches in diameter, making it a great gift idea as well!

This pattern is rated as being extremely easy, with only stitch needed is single crochet. There is another optional “crab” stitch (which represents reverse single crochet), although again, this is optional and the pattern provides a way for you to avoid doing this stitch if you’re not currently up to learning a new technique.

The finished project measures 3-12 inches tall x 4 inches for the top “bowl” part x 6-1/2 inches for the brim width. Also note that you will need some star-shaped buttons to affix to the outside of the container.

Here is the pattern

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