Make This Crocheted “Boo The Ghost” Part of Your Next Halloween! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

No-one will be able to resist Boo the Ghost once they have seen him displayed amongst the decor for your next Halloween! Crochet one or crochet many! I don’t think you could EVER have too many of these adorable crocheted Halloween decorations!

A completed Boo the Ghost measures approximately 5-1/2 inches tall x 3-1/2 inches wide. The difficulty of this project is placed at the easy intermediate level, which is due to the need to know how to work in back loops. If you really want to do this project but need further instruction for working in back loops of crochet, click on this link to learn how to do so in no time flat! This pattern is crocheted entirely in the round. If you have trouble crocheting things in the round because they don’t seem to lie flat, then this project in the round would be perfect for you, as there is absolutely no need for this to lie flat!

The ghost body is comprised of a total of 40 rounds, and the arms, which are crocheted separately and then sewn to the body, take a total of 7 rounds.

Here is the pattern link

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