Jaw-Dropping July 4th Wine Bottle Cozy/Gift Bag! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Need something special in red, white and blue for a wine lover, AND when it just happens to be July 4th? This time around, present your fave wine lover his or her favorite bottle of wine in this crocheted wine cozy! This crocheted flag wine cozy is absolutely the perfect thing to take along to your next get-together with family or friends!

For this project, you will primarily need to use double crochet, along with a little bit of single crochet. You will also need to know how to do a magic ring, and instructions for that are included here, but not in the instructions for the actual pattern. The pattern itself covers all other needed instructions for you to complete the entire project.

Here is the pattern

 Image and pattern source:  crochet365knittoo.com

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