Incredibly Unique Air Plant Pots! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

If you love air plants but haven’t been able to find the perfect container/holder for them, why not crochet up some of these unforgettably unique air plant pots? Because air plants come in a variety of different sizes, this free pattern includes instructions for four different sizes! If you are unfamiliar with what an air plant is, it basically is a living plant that absorbs moisture (water) from the leaves of the plant, rather than the roots of the plant, and a quick water spritz two or three times per week to the leaves of the plant is basically all the care these types of plants require. If you have never seen this type of plant before, are unable to find it locally, and have fallen in love with the beauty of this type of plant, I have included below links to different varieties which are available at Amazon. Regarding the yarn itself, this project is a great scrap buster, and any colors will work based upon the remainder of your decor.

Here is the pattern for the plant holders

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