Charmingly Christmassy Gingerbread House! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Totally add some charm to your next Christmas with this unforgettable crocheted gingerbread house. Instructions are included for the entire house, as well as all of the decorations, the sledding snowman, windows, door, etc…

I have included links to the various yarns you will need for this project.

Other needed materials and tools include:

  • Wooden dowels measuring 3/16 inch wide — 2 dowels that are 8 cm long, 4 dowels that are 18 cm long, and 5 dowels that are 19 cm long.
  • Two sheets of felt
  • Plastic hobby mesh
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Sharp knife or saw
  • Two thumb tacks
  • Three craft hooks

Complete instructions are also included for assembling the entire gingerbread house once you have finished crocheting it.

Here is the pattern

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