Heart-Throbbingly Cute Valentine’s Day FREE Crochet Pattern!

Do you have colleagues/co-worker or others in your life that a Valentine’s Day card would be okay, but not “out of this world?” If so, this little “heart guy” definitely would be a great project! You could also up the finished project just one more notch and slide a lollipop in through the stitches on either the front or back for an extra surprise! This project is rated as a beginner project, and requires just a magic ring, chain stitch, slip stitch, and single crochet. You will need to get your hands on a couple of 6-mm safety eyes to finish this one.

Here is the pattern

Ring Around the Rosie Bookmark! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

If it is a quick gift idea you need, or perhaps just something easy and fast that you want to make for yourself, this Ring Around the Rosie bookmark would be the perfect crochet project! Anyone who is an avid, or just a sometimes, reader will truly appreciate and be able to use one of these. If you know someone who has maybe several books going at the same time, you could crochet up a set of three or four. Doily thread works best for this project.

Here is the pattern

Marvelous Mitten Gift Card or Money Holder! (Free Crochet Pattern)

This adorable mitten gift card or money holder would make a wonderful last-minute Christmas gift for virtually anyone! Pretty much anyone who knows the basics of crochet can whip up one of these in a pretty short amount of time. The finished mitten(s) could also be used as a tree ornament by including a loop (instructions for loop are provided at the end of the pattern) or by simply using a wire Christmas ornament hanger. Pattern uses Size 10 thread and a Size B hook. We truly hope you enjoy this pattern!

Here is the pattern

Cool Stash-Busting Ornament Trio!! (FREE Crochet Patterns)

Do you need a quickie Christmas project that is also a great yarn stash buster? If you happen to run into a free evening, you could probably whip up all three of them in that evening. There are many ways you could use these mini ornaments…use them on a tree, place one of each into a frame and display in your favorite room, present them with a gift card for an extra cute gift, or make many of them and create a unique garland! The possibilities are endless.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source: wonderlaine.net

Splendiferous Snowflake (FREE Crochet Pattern)

This gorgeous beauty measures approximately 7-1/4 inches from point to point when finished! Can you just imagine an assortment of these hanging around during the holiday season, whether they be hanging on your tree or in a few of your favorite windows? The basic pattern requires Size 10 doily thread, a Size 8 crochet hook, and some type of starch or glue/water combo. Glitter is also mentioned as a suggestion, and we definitely know you can’t go wrong with that suggestion!

Here is the pattern

The Perfect Poinsettia Christmas Ornament! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Although this pattern is really very simple, the end result is an absolutely gorgeous 3-layer poinsettia that won’t soon be forgotten! Even if you’re somewhat new to crocheting, you’ll be able to whip up a handful of these stunning ornaments in no time at all. A big bonus is that this is a great yarn scrap buster, as you truly only need very small amounts of yarn for each ornament. This ornament would also make a wonderful addition as a topper to go with your gift wrapped gifts.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source: Allfreeholidaycrafts.com

Beautiful “Oh My Stars” Cowl (FREE Crochet Pattern!)

This beautiful project can be made into either the cowl pictured in the featured image, or it can be lengthened for a beautiful wrap-around scarf…the choice is all yours! If you use the yarn recommended in the pattern (which results in the colors in the featured image), you won’t need multiple colors, but instead just one skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable “Candied” yarn, which is a variegated yarn with all of the beautiful colors included! This pattern requires the star stitch, which is a very simple stitch to learn if you don’t already know it. We have included a link to the yarn used for the project in the featured image.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source: Naztazia.com

Dazzling Peppermint Pinwheel Doily! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

This charming Christmas season doily, which measures approximately 10 inches across, would be a hugely wonderful addition to your next holiday season! This is an intermediate-level pattern for those of you who are familiar with working with Size 10 doily thread and smaller steel crochet hooks. The pattern requires 100 yards each of Size 10 doily thread in red and white (100 yards of each color) and a Size 7 crochet hook. Complete instructions are provided for all special stitches.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source: Bellacrochet.blogspot.com

Merry Mini Christmas Stockings! (Free Crochet Pattern)

Here’s a great quick and easy Christmas crochet pattern for these mini Christmas stockings! Also a great yarn scrap buster for those of you having small amounts of red, white, and green yarn laying around. The unstriped version of this pattern requires only 14  yards of red or green and 8 yards of white yarn. The striped version of this pattern requires only 7 yards of red and white each, and 8 yards of green. Although you can’t see the little “hanger loop in the featured image, instructions for doing this are also included.

Although when you click on the link to the pattern below it will appear as if you have arrived at the wrong place, scroll down a little and you will see the beginning of the pattern.

Here is the pattern

Image and pattern source: Maggiescrochet.com

Flabbergasting Flip Flop Keyring! (FREE Crochet Video Tutorial!)

This pattern is in video form only, and although the lady in the video speaks in Spanish, there are excellent English written subtext instructions as she works her way through the project on the video. Size 10 doily thread would work great for these flip flop key rings. This project would make an excellent gift for basically anyone, at any time of the year! It’s just amazing how close to the real thing these turn out to be when completed!

Here is the pattern