Unbeatably Beautiful Wild Rose Doily! (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Although there are many, many beautiful doily crochet patterns out there for you to consider, the free crochet pattern for this Wild Rose Doily beats most, if not all, of them! We truly love the dainty look of this particular doily, definitely unbeatable in its beauty!

The finished doily measures 13 inches in diameter. Materials/tools required include J. & P. Coats or Clark’s O.N.T. Best Six Cord Mer­cerized Crochet, Size 30: Small Ball: J. & P. Coats—3 balls of White and 2 balls each of Shaded Finks and Shaded Greens, or Clark’s O.N.T.—5 balls of White and 3 balls each of Shaded Pinks and Shaded Greens, as well as a steel crochet hook Size 10.

Here is the link to the pattern/tutorial!

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