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Free Mini Easter Basket Crochet Pattern!

These Easter baskets are not only cute, they are also a super-duper fun, easy, and fast crochet project to make, either if you have little ones around or just want some more Easter decorations for your home! Each of these baskets can hold about six mini chocolate eggs or one standard plastic egg, which you can fill with the treats of your choice.

When we say fast, we truly mean fast. Each basket takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to crochet. Of course, that amount of time will vary, according to your skill level in crochet. Even a beginner could likely finish one of these in not too much time! Great pictures also are in the same place that the written step-by-step tutorial is. Some of these baskets in pastel purples, yellows, pinks, blues, and greens would be beautiful!

Here is the link to the pattern/tutorial!

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