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Elaborate Ornamental Decorated Crochet Easter Eggs (Free Pattern)

Although chocolate eggs are definitely the best at Easter, these crocheted beauties do not fall far behind! You can never have too many decorative Easter eggs laying around, as eggs are the staple of that particularly holiday! This is a pretty quick, easy, and fun project to complete, even the “decorating” part, and you still have plenty of time before the Big Day!

This amigurumi pattern is written in US instructions. Each Easter egg consists of 18 rounds of single crochet. Then grab your darning needle and some pieces of yarn, and do the decorating! This is a great way to get around throwing some of those very short pieces of yarn that you thought you would never find something to do with!

Here is the link to the pattern/tutorial!

Image and Tutorial/Pattern Source: zeensandroger.wordpress.com

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