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Crochet This Amazingly Unique Candy Cottage Gingerbread House!! (FREE Tutorial)

Christmas will never be the same again! Talk about overload of absolutely AMAZING! We just absolutely fell in love with this particular pattern, particularly the yummy pink and white color scheme for the frosting and the candy! The entire pattern consists basically of single crochet, with some crocodile stitch thrown in for one part of the pattern. This pattern is divided into three different parts, and you can find all three links below. This is a somewhat extensive project to complete as compared to most other projects we have seen, but well-worth the effort! Tools/materials needed include worsted weight yarn in Toasted Almond, White, Pink, and Soft Pink (yardage details are provided with the actual pattern), a Size G hook, tapestry needle, six pieces of 8.5 x 11 inch chipboard or cereal box sides, hot-glue gun/sticks, utility knife, ruler or straight-edge, and a pen/pencil.

Here is the link to the cardboard templates cutouts!

Here is the link to the first part of the crochet instructions!

Here is the link to the second part of the crochet instructions!

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