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Practical and Pretty Free Crochet Hanging Basket Tutorial!

For this project, you will need some specialized “ribbon” yarn. If need be, you can obtain various colors of this yarn at Amazon via the image to the left. Ribbon yarn is thicker than normal yarn, which not only is easier to work with, it also makes your project go much quicker than regular yarn. As an alternative, you could use doubled-up regular 4-ply worsted yarn, although this would be a much bigger hassle than using the ribbon yarn. Or you could use fabric strips also, as another alternative.

When crocheted to gauge with the recommended yarn, the finished basket measures approximately 4.7 inches x 4.7 inches, although this would be a very easy project to increase in size, simply by increasing your number of starting stitches. The entire project is crocheted in single crochet. We hope you enjoy this one over and over again!

Here is the link to the pattern/tutorial!

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